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Catalogue goes electronic

There have been big changes in the LCBO Classics Catalogue system as of 2007. It’s the selection of limited-availability and generally most expensive wines sold by Ontario’s government-run liquor monopoly. The wines are not sold through retail outlets, but must be ordered in bottles or lots and delivered to customers.Since the inception of the catalogue, they’ve published a glossy magazine twice a year listing what is available. As of a month ago, they’ve gone entirely on-line and cut the printed version. That has also allowed them to break up the availability, and rather than releasing a large selection twice

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The best wine ever

A test for a new Spectator wine and food blog

People often ask me what is the best wine I’ve ever tasted, expecting some grand name or outrageously old age. Wine is a sensory thing, so a lot of factors affect how much you enjoy it – are you happy or angry, relaxed or tense, tired or perky? My honest answer for the wine I’ve enjoyed best, and still remember the experience some 25 years later, is a restaurant carafe of Castelli Romani. I’ve had it numerous times since, and it’s always a useful and affordable restaurant carafe wine,

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Web U scores a coup

We did a lot this week Most importantly we learned Roger’s middle name. No, I won’t. Ask him.The second most important thing that happened is the first week of Web U coincided with the highest ever traffic to our website. Coincidence? I think not.That’s the challenge for students to come. Match those numbers. They’re posted on the bulletin board inthe Web U campus  and the plan is to post them week to week to see how each class does. We did video, we did audio, but for us the week was mostly about news and we did  a lot

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How to Present Video

From the Poynter.Org’s E-media blog comes a pointer to what looks to be a fabulous use of web tech to produce (potentially) engaging journalism at the One of the brains behind this is Rob Curley, the guy who created Chicago Crime on his own (merging Google Maps with police crime reports) and, if I recall right, the Lawrence, Kanasas family of sites (LJ World etc.) before moving on to the Post.

This new subsite of the Post is well worth the visit, if only to see the gorgeous, useful, interface they’ve developed for presenting what is essentially

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First Spec Web U blog

It’s week one of Web U. No hazing so far. Although sending Roger, Tahir and I out to the waterfront in -30 C weather to shoot video might qualify. News now has never looked better, although there was a small glitch when an overconfident student  wiped out the entire contents. No problem, we had it back in no time. Just another learning experience. Bill is now going on about blogs.Bill is now enlightening us in a witty and educational manner – as per ususual.

Rick (student

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Promiscuous bookmarking

One of the most popular web innovations of the past year has been "Social bookmarking".
Imagine you could free your web bookmarks from your browser and store
them out on the web, so you could access them anytime, anywhere, from
any web-connected computer.
Lots of services sprang up a few years ago offering that kind of functionality – but then a few went one giant step further.Bbook

They said, the web is all about ‘community’ and ‘interactivity’. What
if you could share those bookmarks, add to them, trade them, peek in on
other peoples. See what was being bookmarked NOW, or what was being
bookmarked a lot.
Social bookmarking was born.
There are many services that offer variations on this now – I use – and you can have a look at my bookmarks by going here  or here: if you can’t simply click on the link.
If you’d like to see other social bookmark sites – click on the "bookmarks" tag in the right hand column, under "unbundled tags"

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Why Blog?

For the poverty beat, blogging is a no-brainer. Actually it should be a no brainer for just about every beat we have.  Blogs offer readers a direct and public connection to me, my reporting – and importantly – each other. It’s basic community journalism – only we’re helping the community find, see and identify itself. Because the No Excuse readers are those with a deep interest in poverty issues, in many ways they all know the field better than I. So the blog will become a place for me to test ideas, stories and features on a knowledgeable

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