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Three tools to encourage citizen journalism

I took a day away from building our massive, bloody, code-spewing, chain-spanning, content management system to get back to teaching last week and spent some time with the Metroland Editors at their annual “off-site” in Markahm, just outside of Toronto.
I sat in on several sessions and taught one: Citizen Journalism and Community Engagement, the latest in my ongoing efforts to subvert the creative stranglehold our templated websites place on local newspaper editors. Hmm. Better remember to rephrase that….
You can see my slides below – and I’ll offer some links below as well, but I thought it might be worth putting some of the very basic points down here in text.
After looking at the bad (False Steve Jobs heart attack report) and the good (coverage of a recent explosion at an urban propane filling station) of citizen journalism, we engaged in a discussion of just what the hell citizen journalism was and why they were so afraid of it. Many of them aren’t, as it turns out, and with good reason:
Local papers have been running citizen journalism since the day they opened their doors – the web simply offers more and different opportunities to continue this grand, and vital, tradition.
For this session I zoomed in on three simple areas: Blogs, Photos and Wikis.
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