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Newspapers: Stop chasing yesterday’s readers

Why are we always aiming at yesterday’s readers? I’ve spent the better part of the past year and a half  building and installing a sprawling content management system at one of our larger newspaper chains. Eighteen months. And the entire time I’ve been beset by the nagging, gnawing worry that I’m just bolting a big shiny brand new anchor to the belt of a powerful — but aging — swimmer who even now is floundering in rough waters. These enterprise systems, even the newest releases, are inevitably constructed with layer upon layer of legacy code, programming bloated by years

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Ernst Zundel goes free: Defending the indefensible

As this day slowly slips away, I wonder if I should write this post at all. It’s March 1st. 2010. This morning, German authorities released Holocaust denier and Nazi apologist Ernst Zundel from jail. I know Zundel all too well. Back in the last century, I spent five or six years as an investigative reporter for the Toronto Sun, specializing in the rise and fall of Zundel, his sorry skinhead shocktroops, and the motley crew that coagulated under the Heritage Front banner waved by Zundel’s protegé, the late Wolfgang Droege. Nearly a decade later, in a post 9-11 America,

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