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How to produce professional-looking video reports online, on the cheap

One of the most common complaints I get from students who get all fired up about doing video for the web is: "but we don’t have any equipment – and there’s no way my boss is going to spend thousands of dollars." The truth is you don’t need a $5,000 Sony or Cannon HD video camera – if you already have a modestly up-to-date Dell or Apple computer you can start producing good looking web video for a tiny fraction of what you’d spend on one of those pro video cams.
Last October I produced my Going Digital Without Going Broke guide to give people an idea of the kinds of free or inexpensive software and hardware options they could turn to. I’m updating the guide now and hope to have a new version out in a week or two, but in the meantime here’s a short and useful video from the’s Al Thompkins covering the same territory. Look for links to the software and hardware he mentions below.
Two things that stand out – the Flip video cam – a really cheap and useful alternative video cam, and Videocue Pro which turns his MacBook Pro into a teleprompter and video camera for a really professional look to standups.



If you have any favourite (cheap) video software or hardware tips – leave them in the comments and I’ll include them in the updated guide.

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