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New Job – New Blog Coming

Please accept my apologies for the hiatus — I spent two glorious weeks on-vacation and off-line at a cottage beside a small black mountain lake in the Laurentians and then returned and jumped into a brand new role with my paper and our chain (TorStar). For the next long while I’ll be part of a core team building, installing and training staff on a brand new (massive) content management system that will create a common, chain-wide newsroom. Of a sort. It’s an exciting and challenging job and as a bonus it means I don’t have to commute. (Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.)
I will be continuing in a training role at my paper and the chain, albeit in a very different, and reduced role than my WebU project management. I’ll also continue to do some outside teaching, consulting and presentation. Plus, as soon as I can elbow aside the stacks of program and application manuals and get a bit of free time I’ll be rebuilding and migrating this blog.
I’ll be at Ryerson University’s Wordstock conference next weekend (Sept 20th) and will be giving the keynote ("Fish on Bicycles – why can’t newspapers get the web right?") and two sessions, one on 10 Essential Internet Tools for Journalists and the other on the Joys and Pitfalls of Beat Blogging. And then I’m off to Saskatoon to run two days of training with the folks at the Western Producer, something I’m really looking forward to.
Over the next week I’ll blog about and post some of the slides from, those presentations – which won’t be nearly as good as being there, but will give you at least some sense of what I’m doing. I’d love to hear any criticisms in  advance of the presentations themselves. Simply hit that comment button below.
Here’s the first of those presentations, this one on Beat Blogging – which I’m co-presenting with Hamilton Spectator’s most popular blogger, city hall reporter Nicole Macintyre.

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