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How to create a blog for your paper, magazine or show – NOW

So you want to try blogging – NOW? Don’t
want to wait for our over-burdened digital media folks to get around to
implementing or building out blogs for your paper using our TOPS and
TED system?Outsource it.
That’s what the Spec, The Record and The Mercury are doing. They’re all using the Typepad service from Six Apart. I"ve been using it for several years now and can attest to it’s ease of use, flexibility and stability.
helped a half dozen non-bloggers become bloggers, a list that inlcudes
several decidedly "non-techie" types, so Typepad must be doing
something write in the usability departement.
If you choose Typepad
– get the Pro version. For about $150 a year you get unlimited blogs,
broad design freedoms, lots of templates to modify and make your own,
more storage space than you’ll need, and a fully-featured, easy to use
blogging platform that allows you to post text, photos (in scrapbooks
and galleries) videos, audio etc. You also get access to "domain
mapping" which allows you to use a web address like: rather than the address.
you’d like to see how easy blogging can be, here’s a .pdf of a "How to
Post" manual I made for some of the Spec’s first time bloggers.
Download Posting3.pdf
There are other services and blogging providers you might want to consider:
Blogger is Google’s free blogging service – a good place to learn how to blog, but not really professional enough for our purposes
– an open source blogging tool supported by a large and avid community.
The best way to use it is to download the software, intstall it, then
buy a domain name and lease hosting services ($6-$10 a month) from a
company that supports Word Press and you’re up and running. It’s a
little more work than typepad (and a fair bit more than blogger) but
their themes are much nicer and the community’s "plug-ins" extend the
blogs functionality into marvellous places. They also offer a simple,
free blog hosting service that doesn’t suck and looks professional,
although it offers only limited customization)
If you’d like to learn more spend some time with these links – or get your future blogger to:Guy Kawasaki’s blogging tips:
useful discussion on the Online Journalism Review "Can Newspapers Get
Blogging Right
And don’t forget to check out the WebU blogging bookmarks at our bookmarking site – just click on the "blogging" tag in that cloud of tags on the right hand side.
And if all else fails – call me!

Bill (905.526-3262)

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