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Personal Computer sales tanking in Japan

Home computer sales in gadget-mad, electronics-crazy Japan have declined for 5 straight quarters.
Is this a sign that ubiquitous computing is finally coming? That personal computer-type processing power has now been embedded into so many things (cell phones, PDA’s, music players, cameras, gaming consoles – hell, even refrigerators) that people don’t need their high-powered, all-in-one, do-anything home computer anymore?Macplus

According to an AP story, PC shipments fell 6.2 percent in 2006.  (Note: it’s not that the sales increases have been slowing — the actual number of PCs being shipped and sold is declining) And so far the numbers for 2007 are continuing their plunge — a 14 perecent plummet in the 1st Quarter and a further 4.8 percent slide in the 2nd.

"Consumers aren’t impressed anymore with bigger hard drives
or faster processors. That’s not as exciting as a bigger TV," said (Masahiro) Katayama, research group head at market survey firm IDC. "And in Japan, kids now grow up using mobile phones, not PCs. The
future of PCs isn’t bright."

The story pointed out that more than half of Japaneses connect to the web and send email via their mobile phones, with 30 percent reporting that as a result they used their PC’s less.
Hmm. Even given the normal 2-5 year electronic time zone difference between North America and Asia, do you think newspapers might be a little slow in figuring out how to deliver their news via these new appliances?
Bill Dunphy

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