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What are YOU doing?

In case you wanted to know, here’s what the cool kids are up to on the net:

A web site whose sole purpose (seemingly) is described this way:

A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?

(Your answer is limited to 142 characters)
You sign up to Twitter, publicize your Twitter name and anyone can subscribe to your "twitters" you ongoing answers to the What are you doing? question. And of course, you can sign up for the feed from other people’s Twitters.
It’s the latest little trick in the "Look at Me!" end of the web. A stalker’s wet dream, perhaps? Insane? Likely.
But maybe that’s just because you’re not cool. (OK, neither am I) — it is one of the fastest growing web services around.

And then there’s Twittervision

Someone is scraping Twitter posts and placing them on Google
maps in a never-ending (and mildly interesting in a non-sexual
voyeuristic way) parade of people announing what they’re doing right
Who cares?
Well we should – because it’s an example of the way people are creating and maintaining communities (which historically has been one of our key jobs) using web tools. And the Twittervision tool itself is interesting. Plus it’s part of the growing evolution of something we are MILES behind – mobile computing/information retrieval. Twitter is usually accessed via cell phone or  Blackberry.
And while I’d be damned if I want people to know what I’m doing all day every day, or where I am, people are already finding other uses for this free service.
Including one person who’s posted BBC news alerts – including links to the stories.
I wonder how long it will be before someone delivers a soap opera or novel  in Twitter posts?
Bill Dunphy

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