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Boy plummets, Spec stock skyrockets

Speed sells.
At about 10:30 am, thanks to Jen Moore’s sharp ears yesterday morning we figured that some indistinct scanner chatter was likely about a boy, a boy who’d fallen nine storeys – and lived.Yokovideo

Gary Yokoyama needed no urging, grabbed a video camera and flew down to the Jackson St. scene, as did reporter Paul Legall and photog Kaz Novak.
We had the "Hey something’s happening" item on NewsNow within 10 mins., and a solid, accurate bare bones version of the story within 25 mins.
Most impressively we had our first video report — complete with video of the boy – alive – being loaded onto an ambulance — back in the office, edited (thanks to James "Four Hands" Harvey), narrated and available on  the web at 2 mins to 12 noon.
We beat CH.
Within another 45 mins we had a revised 2 minute narration tacked onto the first rough video and back up on the web, where it stayed. The text version of the story was updated twice more, notably with Cathy Coward’s amazing "snow angel" in the grass photo.
The real sweet part  came when CTV and CityTV came knocking at our door, looking to purchase Gary’s video report.
On top of that I got to do an obit on traffic fatality #7 and found the story was so powerful I did a print version too – including a pick-up, something I confess I haven’t done in a while.
It was a tense, exciting day – and for the news junkie that lurks withing most of us, it was better than a hit of China White.
I have no idea about the viewer or visit stats, but I’m betting we drove a lot of repeat visits to our site yesterday.

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