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Well, they let me back in

It’s me, Karlo Berkovich, visiting dignitary from Waterloo Region. Back at Web U today. The same old, same old. Update the web. Do this. Do that. What a bunch of slavedrivers! Little do they know I was here at 8:15 a.m. (we get underway at 9) so, bleah. I’m outta here after this post.

Look, ya want me to blog, I can only be my natural aggravating self.

Anyway, things got interesting this afternoon when Bill Dunphy gave us a blogging lesson. I already blog at The Record and figured I’d only pay cursory attention — OK, that’s true, I did; I spent part of the time showing my unnamed Web U partner on the right (OK, it’s Cheryl Stepan) some Rolling Stones fan sites. But it was work; showing her the fan sites, because Bill was talking about interactive blogs and chats and so on. So being the keen student I am, I showed Cheryl what he was talking about.

And it was interesting as we learned about Bill’s own Spec blog on poverty and a city hall blog I think we should consider at The Record once we get around the idea of reporters blogging about their beats. I think we should. And Bill showed us things like blogpulse and technorati which are various stats collecting sites (I’ve known of technorati but blogpulse was news to me) and also took us through a bit of the history of blogging. Which, of course, began with computer geeks.

Since we’re now one with the web, so are we.

Then came Rebecca. Run!!!! Just kidding. This crazy woman took us through the concept of storyboarding. I nearly stole her lesson — remember, I’m the keener — but anyway she persevered, laughing all the way (her likeable natural state) and we wound up storyboarding a potential video about a star skateboarder. Honestly, good learning experience about how to plan stories, even though it sounds obvious. What is truly obvious is the fact that like any good story — print or multimedia — it needs to be done.

Back tomorrow. We’re going to learn how to shoot and edit video.

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