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As a way of introducing myself,this is my first blog post at the advanced age of 47.  Let’ try using some of the tools and connections mentioned by webman Bill Dunphy. Suppose we start with a web link such as the strobist , a photo site for creative use of your camera flashes. If your looking for contemporary photo topics and issues check out PDN.

Shall we insert an email address as we learn more about the world according to blog. Send  all your opinions to me.

At this time I’ll insert a photo onto the page  from McMaster UMacrepairs036
niversity. The photo was for a story on the Ontario budget and how the funding gap between operational and capital budgets  has afected the maintenance of the older buidings on campus.

Well it’s been a blast trying out the blog  page,and now I’ll post it.

  • Gary.

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