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My first WebU post

It’s day two locked in this airless hellhole, deep in enemy Go territory. and, I’m alive. I’m pretty sure.
For a news guy like me, it’s damn tough being surrounded by so many people with smiles on their faces, new products on their desks, and celeberty gossip on their lips. But actually all that’s outside the WebU bunker, arrayed around it like row upon row of green and friendly tank traps.

Inside WebU, I feel a lot more at home. People are hunched and scowling, pounding their keyboards and screaming into phones at recalicitrant police officials and hapless bureaucrats.

"Look, lady," Carlos growls, "This ain’t called NewsNow fer nothing!"

We spend the first three hours in a desperate hunt for news to throw into that little NewsNow window. Weather, traffic, stabbings, and the collapse of empires – they’re all fodder for the great massive maw out there.

We spent a good hour or so on our first day beating each other up arguing debating discussing issues around quantity and quality, what we can expect of a photographer or a reporter trying to serve both the web and print at the same time.

Today we learned about blogs from, well, me, and posted our first posts here to the web u blog – now Rebecca has come in, ripping paper from the walls and screaming that we’re to sit up straight, keep our eyes front and start listening.

Our storyboard lesson is about to begin.

Bill Dunphy
(Chester Waxman photo by some Spec photographer, reproduced here for the heck of it.)

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