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A Waterloo Region visitor

And they’ve got me working. School shouldn’t be work. But seriously, this is fun. And the only way to learn and brush up on skills.

I’m Karlo Berkovich, associate editor/online at The Record and I’m here to pick up tips.

I’ve learned a lot since I took my job, moving over from being sports editor, on Sept. 5/06. I’d been blogging before that and posting some breaking news so moving to the web fulltime as essentially a coordinator between the newsroom and the web centre techies seemed a natural fit.

I now do tons of breaking news posts, have some familiarity with things like iphoto and imovie I had never heard about before, and people in the office say I’ll soon be wearing a pocket protector. But really, posting breaking news is no different, or not much different at least, than updating for a wire service — an experience I had while freelancing major league sports for the UPI (remember them?) Toronto office in the mid- to late 1980s.

What appeals to me about this intensive work/training week is, as mentioned, brushing up on skills I already have and learning new ones — like shooting and editing video and trying slide shows (I oversee the production of our own slide shows now but don’t do the hands on and haven’t been able to carve out the time yet).

What’s also worthwhile is what is always worthwhile at any training session — interacting with other professional journalists. After just one day, I feel like part of a team with people I knew only by name or reputation just hours ago, and having fun while we work.

Bill Dunphy, the Spec’s icon of the Internet and resident slavedriver wants me to blog every day. I guess because I’m a guest — or am just verbose and I plead guilty — he’s allowing me that privilege and damn it, I’m taking it.

More tomorrow when we’re coming in to post more news all morning, then talk about blogging (and yeah, I know, this is too long a post but deal with it; if you want my real stuff check out Blogovich at and then we’ll talk about storyboarding.

So that’s it for now.

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