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Technical difficulties

The idea is very cool. A whole week to learn about using the web, with a focus on some kind of project. Blogging was what I wanted to learn about, with a sideorder of introduction to video.
So it’s odd, as we are being introduced to this supposedly high tech world, that the biggest frustration is just the usual, low-level computer failures. Tuesday afternoon, we couldn’t upload to The Spectator’s News Now, one of the most basic things we are supposed to be doing. This morning, I’ve twice had to call the tech folks just to make the paper’s basic word processor, Quark CopyDesk, work on my computer. So I can open and close stories and spell check.
    And once CopyDesk was running, the upload function wasn’t working again.
    So valuable hours that could have been used to learn were just wasted.
    But I’m only writing this whine as a way to gather some words that I can paste into a blog program as a way to try to learn how that works.
    Loading the photo by Cathie Coward, too, is simply an exercise. But it is a remarkable image of how temperature inversions work over Hamilton. There’s likely a layer of air that is forcing all of that rising steam or smoke to make an abrupt southwestward turn.
Bill J. 

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