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Catalogue goes electronic

There have been big changes in the LCBO Classics Catalogue system as of 2007. It’s the selection of limited-availability and generally most expensive wines sold by Ontario’s government-run liquor monopoly. The wines are not sold through retail outlets, but must be ordered in bottles or lots and delivered to customers.
Since the inception of the catalogue, they’ve published a glossy magazine twice a year listing what is available. As of a month ago, they’ve gone entirely on-line and cut the printed version. That has also allowed them to break up the availability, and rather than releasing a large selection twice a year the "catalogue" will now be parcelled out in smaller groups about a half dozen times.
The LCBO stopped printing paper booklets of their "general listing" regular brands a few years ago and went online. The only survivor – so far – is the twice-monthly Vintages glossy magazine. But you’ve got to figure its end is near.

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