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The best wine ever

A test for a new Spectator wine and food blog

People often ask me what is the best wine I’ve ever tasted, expecting some grand name or outrageously old age. Wine is a sensory thing, so a lot of factors affect how much you enjoy it – are you happy or angry, relaxed or tense, tired or perky?Cc_tango_argentina_35683_1

My honest answer for the wine I’ve enjoyed best, and still remember the experience some 25 years later, is a restaurant carafe of Castelli Romani. I’ve had it numerous times since, and it’s always a useful and affordable restaurant carafe wine, nothing special.
But that one night, we had just been married, it was hot, we were painting our first apartment so we’d been breathing fumes all day, we were tired, and we went around the corner to a little Italian place. That simple carafe this one night was magic, because everything else was so right.

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