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From the Poynter.Org’s E-media blog comes a pointer to what looks to be a fabulous use of web tech to produce (potentially) engaging journalism at the One of the brains behind this is Rob Curley, the guy who created Chicago Crime on his own (merging Google Maps with police crime reports) and, if I recall right, the Lawrence, Kanasas family of sites (LJ World etc.) before moving on to the Post.

This new subsite of the Post is well worth the visit, if only to see the gorgeous, useful, interface they’ve developed for presenting what is essentially a weekly video profile of ordinary people.

Here’s what Poynter had to say:

onBeing: Nice Take on Creating Community
one of the debut onBeing videos, Washington, D.C.-based nun Sister Anne
Elizabeth recounts her path from second base to the convent.

If you’ve been wondering what Rob Curley
and his multimedia team at Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive have
been up to since October, a hint of what’s yet to come debuted midday
today. It’s called onBeing, in the CameraWorks section of

The onBeing project is based on the simple notion that we should get to know one another a little better," writes Jennifer Crandall
on the site. "What you’ll find here is a series of videos that takes
you into the musings, passions, histories and quirks of all sorts of
people. The essence of who they are, who we are."Jesse Foltz is responsible for the programming and neat interface design. Deryck Hodge
developed the site in Django and Python. But it’s right up Curley’s
community alley. There will be a new video every Wednesday. The
development team is looking for comments (via e-mail) and suggestions for featured onBeing segments.

Some tips from Curley on using the feature:

  • Check out the download options for each video, including the mobile phone option.
  • Once
    you get to the video page, the video can be resized by dragging and
    dropping the lower right-hand corner of the video area to resize it on
    the fly without interrupting the video.
  • On the video page, there is an option to watch the videos in high definition (if you have a high-def monitor).

Amazing what you can do when you pair web developers directly with content producers….


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