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Why Blog?

the poverty beat, blogging is a no-brainer. Actually it should be a no
brainer for just about every beat we have.  Blogs offer readers a
direct and public connection to me, my reporting – and importantly –
each other. It’s basic community journalism – only we’re helping the
community find, see and identify itself.

Because the No Excuse readers are
those with a deep interest in poverty issues, in many ways they all
know the field better than I. So the blog will become a place for me to
test ideas, stories and features on a knowledgeable readership before
committing them to print.

Here’s a quick briefing note to
explain my vision of No Excuse – The Poverty Project Blog. These points
apply, by and large, to any beat blog.

What I’ll Do

  • File at least daily (weekdays) to the blog
  • Allow (moderated) comments on blog postings
  • Post
    short items about local events, people, organizations dealing with
    poverty issues – items that might be too incremental or institutional
    for the print edition but would appeal to the "deep niche" interests of
    people active in wrestling with poverty
  • Use the blog to link to interesting poverty stories elsewhere on the web
  • Post links to actual documents, research etc – both used in my stories or simply of interest to readers
  • Post audio and video as appropriate, including complete interviews that may only be excerpted in print or web stories
  • Use the blog to promote NewsNow and vice versa – and use both to promote
  • Use to blog to test ideas, stories and features prior to print
  • Use the blog to solicit contacts and story ideas
  • invite guest bloggers (from the community) to contribute for a week at a time
  • Listen to my readers

What the Blog Will Do

  • Position us as a primary source for poverty information
  • Build a committed community of readers and give them a sense of ownership of the and the paper
  • Drive readership to the and ultimately the print edition
  • Make me a much smarter beat reporter
  • Generate story leads
  • Inolve
    a broad, deeply knowledgeable community in our story creation process,
    without ceding control of that process to the whims of the web

What the Blog Will Not Do

  • Build a massive, general audience – this is all about serving a deep niche
  • Occupy more than 1 hour a day of my time

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